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Do you throw your zipper bags away after use? Wait! 

Don’t be afraid of washing zipper bags and reusing them.


Here is the correct way to wash zipper bags so that they are safe for reuse.


Use the right zipper bag

By the “right” bag, we mean ones that are thicker and able to be used in the freezer. These bags can withstand more which means they are more durable and you will be able to wash them and reuse them over and over again.


Turn your zipper bags inside out

While a quick rinse is fine if you have been storing something dry like cereal in the zipper bag, a more thorough clean is needed after storing moist or sticky foods. In order to get better access to the dirt and to access the corners, turn the bag inside out.


Warm water

Wash your zipper bags using dish soap, a sponge and warm water. Don’t use hot or boiling water as this might melt the bag.


Air dry

Make sure you hang the bags outside in the sun to dry. You don’t want your zipper bags to get moldy and smelly. If you can’t hang them outside simply put them on a drying rack overnight. A good idea is to hang them over a wooden spoon so that they stay open and any lingering moisture is dried out.


Now you might be wondering if you can dispense with all that work and simply put them in a dishwasher.

The answer is yes you can!

Arrange them on the top wrack in such a way that the water jets won’t push them around too much.


Enjoy washing zipper bags and getting so much more use out of them!