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Zipper bags are one of the most useful packaging solutions on the market. They are great for keeping this safe, organized, fresh and easy to access.


Here are a few clever ideas for uses for zipper bags.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  • Car Care – Keep your car tidy by using a large zipper bag as a dustbin. Simply seal the bag to trap odours and sticky items inside and then empty out when you get to your destination. Wash out the bag, and reuse.
  • Equipment – Store jumper cables and other tools for your car in a zipper bag.
  • Medicines – Place any needed medications in zipper bags for easy access when travelling. Make sure you label the bags clearly so that you know which medicine is which.
  • Kid’s Activities – Use a zipper bag to store toys, games and puzzles to keep the kids entertained on long journeys.
  • Shoes – Store your shoe in zipper bags while you travel. This will keep your clothes clean.
  • Toiletries – Gather up sample size toiletries and set up a travel kit using zipper bags.
  • Passports – Keep passports and other important travel document safe and dry in a zipper bag.


  • Wax / Gum Removal – Place some ice in a zipper bag, seal the bag and then put it over the spilled wax or bubblegum. Wait until the wax / gum hardens and then scrape it off the carpet or mat.
  • Shower Head – If your shower head is clogged, fill a zipper bag with white spirit vinegar and submerge the head in the bag. Use string to close the open end of the bag. Soak the shower head for 12 hours and then remove the bag.
  • Documents – keep important documents safe and dry by sealing them in zipper bags with a square of cardboard to ensure that the documents don’t crease.
  • Panty Hose – To prevent snags, store each pair of panty hose in a zip bag.
  • Jewellery – Use a zip bag to organize your rings, earring and necklaces.
  • Stationery – Zipper bags are great for organizing stationery. Use small size zip bags to store thumbtacks, paperclips, erasers, sharpeners, etc.
  • Toys – Toys get everywhere! Especially, those tiny Lego pieces. Sort and organize your kids toys and store them safely in re-closable zipper bags. This makes toys easy to store and easy to find.
  • Crafts – Just like toys, craft supplies tend to spread themselves and get lost. Access glitter tubes, glue sticks, papers, scissors etc. easily by storing them in clear zipper bags.
  • Baby Wipes – To make your own baby wipes, fill a zipper bag with cotton balls and add water.
  • Food Storage – Portion out mince or vegetables before freezing to make meal preparation easier. Zipper bags are also great for storing and freezing soup.
  • Cooking Oil – Ever wondered how to dispose of cooking oil? Don’t throw it down the drain. Wait for it to cool and then pour it into a zip bag. Seal the bag and then throw it away.
  • Snack Bag – School snack storage is made easy using zipper bags. Portion out snacks for your kids to take to school – carrot sticks, raisons, nuts and more.

Other Uses for Zipper Bags

  • Water – Transport an emergency water supply in sealed zipper bags. To ensure that there is no leakage, double-bag the water.
  • Wounds – If you are out in the open and you need to secure a wound from possible infection, tie a zipper bag over the wound. This will keep dirt out of the wound until it can be properly treated.
  • Insect Repellent – By filling a zip bag with coins, water, lime juice and salt, you can create your own fly repellent.
  • Ice Pack – Freeze water in different size zipper bags to treat bruises and bumps.
  • Cell Phone – If you are going to be out in the rain, keep your phone safe and dry in a zipper bag.
  • Nuts and Bolts – Store nuts, bolts, screws, nails, washers, etc. in clear zipper bags. All your spare parts will be easy to store and easy to access when needed.








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