Tamper evident packaging has been used for many years within industries where safety and / or privacy are essential.

Tamper evident tape prevents the unauthorised opening of packaging before the product gets to its required destination.

So, what makes something tamper evident? Security packaging tape will show evidence of being removed and once removed, it cannot be reapplied.

The pharmaceutical industry is one industry that regularly uses tamper evident packaging for the safe transport of biological specimens and medications.

Since Covid-19 appeared an increasing number of manufacturers in retail, food and wholesale industries have been relying on tamper evident packaging to protect their products during shipment.



Criminal activity is prevented

Tamper evident tape is an inexpensive way to stop theft. It is a strong deterrent as thieves are unable to open a box or envelope and then reseal it. The evidence of tampering is immediate with a “void” message showing.

Chain of custody

E-commerce and online purchasing are growing rapidly and this means that there are many people along the supply chain that are handling packages before they reach the intended destination. It is vital that these products remain secure. Tamper evident packaging is an efficient method of keeping items safe throughout their transit.

If the package is opened along the way you will be able to know exactly where it happened.

You’ll know specifically whether a package was tampered with in the warehouse or during transit.

It protects the brand

Studies have shown that counterfeiting is on the rise. Footwear, clothing and leather articles, as well as electronics and equipment, are particularly at risk.

Counterfeit products are of lower quality, which tarnishes a particular brands reputation. In some cases, they can even pose a significant threat to the health and safety of the consumer.

Bad news spreads quickly on social media and it only takes one tweet to go viral for a company to face a public relations disaster.

Tamper-evident tape is a small investment to make in order to protect your brand and reduce the risk of counterfeiting, fraud and theft.

Customer experience

An important aspect of a good brand is customer experience. Customers expect that when they receive their product it isn’t damaged or previously opened. A bad customer experience is a sure way to lose business.

Cost Savings

Making sure that your packaging is both attractive and secure means that customers will continue to use the brand – thus money continues to come into the business.

Tamper evident packaging also reduces the cost of inventory shrinkage by ensuring that goods are not lost, stolen or damaged during transport.


With people being more conscious of how and who touches their goods – especially food items – during transport, tamper evident packaging is a great way to enhance a customers sense of safety.

At the very least, it shows a customer that you are a concerned company that cares and takes packaging security seriously.

This is especially important if you manufacture food, beverages, pharmaceutical products, or medical devices, due to the fact that these industries often have to follow law-imposed standards.



Tamper evident bags / packaging benefits your business in many ways and for a comparatively small investment, ensures a lot of savings in the long run.


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