Double Zipper - Suppliers & Manufacturers of Plastic Packaging

If you are looking for flexible packaging solutions for your products or household goods, look no further than Proficient Packaging.

We have been operating out of Ottery in Cape Town for nearly 20 years and have extensive experience in our field of industry.

We manufacture and supply plastic packaging bags as wholesale items as well as individually designed products to meet our clients specific requirements.

We believe that a good quality product deserves good quality packaging and thus we pay careful attention to our design – practical as well as aesthetic – and to our manufacturing process.

Many of our products are recyclable and include BIO compostable options.

Take a look at our plastic products below and click on the links to find out more information.

Zipper Bags

Double Zipper Bags

Bank Bags

Medical Tablet Bags

Biohazard Specimen Bags

Food Packaging

Pet Food Packaging

Tamper Evident Bags

Courier Bags

Specialised Bags and Reels

Boutique Bags

Personal Care Bags

Retail Clothing Bags

Self Seal Bags

Paper Products